How Hula-Hooping Nourishes the Mind, Body, and Soul

March 18, 2019 3 min read

Lorraine Wilbie @siruhswirls

Hula hooping nourishes your mind, body, and soul in many truly amazing ways. When you pick up your first hula-hoop, you will step into a magical circle of happiness, peace, love, healing, and of course, exercise.

How Hula-Hooping Benefits your Body

It is a well-known fact that  exercise releases endorphins, and the endorphins that we release while hooping help make us happy!

Superhooper Starter HoopHula-hooping has several other positive effects on your body, too. It gets you moving, provides excellent cardiovascular exercise, helps strengthen muscles, decreases stiffness, and improves coordination. When you hula-hoop for at least 30 minutes, you can burn up to 400 calories! Heavier hoops, such as the Superhooper Starter Hoops offer a bit more weight, which can be beneficial for strengthening your core and providing you with an excellent workout.

Learning to hula hoop also helps you become more aware of your body and the space around it. Some hoopers gravitate towards more meditative styles of hooping, such as HoopChi, HoopPilates, or HoopYoga, which promote health and well-being in a low-impact way. These styles of hooping allow you to pay more attention to your breath as you stretch and move your hoop throughout the space around your body.

Check out this fantastic HoopChi demonstration from LucasHooping. HoopChi mixes the gentle movements of Tai Chi with hooping. This style of hooping focuses a lot on body posture and breathing, and it can be beneficial for your mental health. LucasHooping has many HoopChi videos on her channel, which may inspire you to give it a try. 

If you enjoy pilates, then you will be sure to enjoy HoopPilates! This style of hooping focuses on strengthening the core, body alignment, and stretching. Watch below as Jen Beiler teaches us how to do Hula Hoop Pilates! 

How Hooping Nourishes and Strengthens the Mind

There are an infinite number of ways to hula hoop, and as you take the time to learn new hula-hoop skills you will challenge your mind in incredible ways! Once you successfully master what you have been working on,  you will be inspired by a boost of confidence in yourself and gratification for your beautiful circle. Hula-hooping can teach your brain to multitask more effectively and help you concentrate. It is a perfect way combat boredom and engage in creative, mindful exercise. To be in the moment with your hoop, and growing as an individual is an irreplaceable feeling.  Hoop practice allows you an opportunity to let go of what is going on in your life and focus on something rewarding and fun!

Lorraine Wilbie @siruhswirls

"It gives me something positive to think about and work towards."

Lorraine Wilbie, @siruhswirls on Instagram

How Hooping Feeds Your Soul

Your plastic circle is truly a sacred place. It provides you with a safe place to work through emotions and dance to the rhythm inside your very own heart. It can be soothing and relaxing, reducing anxiety and depression and improving your overall mood.

Hula-hooping also gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with new friends! The online hoop community is strong, and many cities have hoop clubs, classes, and gatherings where you can dance, move, and share with other hoopers!

“It makes me happy because it connects me to other like-minded people.” -@cggphoto

Hula hooping takes you on a unique personal journey, full of self-discovery, learning, and meditative movements. It can bolster feelings of self-love, purpose, and happiness in your everyday life.

“It’s freeing because it gives me trust in my body and physical processing of emotions.” -Taylor Hill

Start Hooping Today

Hula-hooping is the perfect hobby to introduce to your life at any age. As you start hooping, you will come across many rewarding new challenges that nourish your mind and support a healthy body. It’s can be a great form of endurance exercise or a relaxing low-impact activity.  It is an excellent way to focus on mindfulness and can promote a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

Learn more about  choosing your first adult hoop and getting started on your personal hoop journey!

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