Poi Hoop Play

December 27, 2018 3 min read

This past weekend, I had an epiphany! After hooping for about 4 years, I am now able to do the reverse 3-beat weave with hoops. Yea, I'm a bit slow at learning, but what really got me excited was how quickly I learned how to do this move in less than 15 minutes! I literally jumped up for joy and almost pee'd my pants. It was THAT exciting for me.

Learn the basics of poi spinning and then mimic those moves using double hoops. 

I know I know.... a lot of you may be rolling your eyes right now. This method is not new and I'm sure this day in age, lots of people are multi-prop users, Funny thing is that I have been spinning poi on and off for the last 2 years and never thought to use it as a tool for learning how to use another prop such as double hoops.


poi spinning


"Spinning Poi translates to many other props" - Jilly Bee


For those who are new to this concept and don't currently spin poi, let's just look at some moves for a moment. The following moves exactly translate from poi to hoops. Meaning, the way you're moving your arms and body with these moves when you're using poi, is the exact same way you would be moving with double hoops. 

Forward 2-beat weave
Forward 3-beat weave
Reverse 2-beat weave
Reverse 3-beat weave


What I found differently and was the most challenging is the actual way you're holding the prop. With poi, you never let go of the ball handle or finger loops, but with double hoops, you have to be ok with letting the hoop go and spin around one thumb or fingers. 


Beginner Reverse 3 Beat with Poi



Emma Kenna from Hooping Mad explains it SO well!


Want to see more videos on these moves? Just Youtube search the name of the move and add poi or hoop in front of it.

Also, the more I swung the poi around, totally freeform and flailing my arms like a mad woman at times. Oddly enough, I began to feel inspired to move my body and dance a little differently than I would with my hoop. This got my creative juju tingling and the need to play more!

Three things I challenge you this month:

1) Pick up a pair of poi (whoa - say that 3 times fast!) and start swinging around slowly. Practice one move with the poi and repeat at least 10 times and then pick up your double hoops and try the same moves and repeat until you get it. RINSE, WASH, REPEAT! Just keep it at. I promise it will click. ;) It's super helpful to have someone watching you so that they could tell you what you're doing and how to adjust.

2) I'm sure there are tons of moves that can be translated from poi to hoop. If you know any more, please comment and share with us below! 

3) If there was a Poi Hoop Play workshop, would you attend? Comment below!


A HUGE thank you to Jilly Bee for visiting the shop last week and showing me this new (to me) method of learning double hoops!! Good luck with your submission to Performance Without Borders! We're rooting for YOU! 



Originally written by Melissa Badamain

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