Superhooper is now Body Hoop™

February 17, 2020 2 min read

Superhooper is now Body Hoop™

We are SUPER excited to announce a brand new start for - Body Hoops™!


Superhooper has been an amazing company and has an incredible group of active followers and we are just thrilled to transition to a new name that we feel is strong and reflects where we are taking this brand in 2020. 


Body Hoops is not a new hoop company, Body Hoops was actually founded by Diana Lopez back in 2004. Diana did wonders with spreading the joy of hooping to so many people over the years. She also invented the Infinity Travel Hoop with patented Swivel Technology. We are very excited to carry the torch on into 2020. 



Superhooper was founded by Lara Eastburn back in 2002 and wow did she build up a STRONG community around it! Traveling the country in a big ole' school bus, spreading hooping to 10's of thousands of people. 

Her focus was on family and getting people into hooping that had never tried it before. She did a fantastic job at this and we have her to thank for so many people trying hooping for the first time. 


Lara had a "Back to Basics" sort of approach to hooping which meant she was focused on the beginners. That meant showing real people, families, all colors, all ages, all sizes how accessible hooping could be.

Lara once said about Superhooper, "Yeah, we make hoops. But we're in the business of making HOOPERS!"

I'm SO happy that her mission was to create more hooper, and I feel so honored to be able to continue that mission with Body Hoops.


Our intention with Body Hoops™ is around body empowerment and feeling good in your beautiful and unique body. Our approach is through hoop fitness, teaching and providing world-class hoops for teachers, gyms and fitness studios.  


Keep an eye on us and be sure to sign up for our mailing list as we'll be releasing a LOT of hooping tutorials, Hoop Workouts and so much more. 


We are so excited about this new journey! 

Body Hoops Outdoor Hooping 2020




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