The 3 Minute Hoop Commitment

December 23, 2018 3 min read

The 3 Minute Commitment: A Simple Way to Jump Into Your Hoop Every Day!

Whether you're having a hard time getting started or you're just feeling hoop burn-out, (Yes, it's a thing. It's totally a thing. So go ahead and stop beating yourself up about it right about
NOW.) There are tried-and-true methods for tricking yourself into getting your hoop groove on every day.

Every day?  Yeah. I mean every day in the sense that you stick to your diet every day. Which is to say, you know most days. Or more days than you don't. You get the gist, right? Ready to HACK your hoop life? Here we go!


Three-Minute Good Morning Hoop

We all have morning rituals. I'm not about to skip my coffee, but it wasn't hard to substitute my habitual FB check with a quick 3 minute hoop sesh to set my day right. Why 3 minutes? I commit
myself to hooping for ONE SONG before I do anything else. Except brushing my teeth. That always comes first. Duh.


But then it's a soft good morning hoop for one song. Back in the day, when there were no kids and less responsibilities, I started every day with four hours of hooping. Those days are long gone. But I started my practice every time by putting on my well-used Bill Withers record and moving the needle to "Lovely Day." Starting my day with that song  takes me back to the beginning of my relationship in the hoop, brings my body and mind to life, and reminds me that it is indeed going to be a "lovely day!" 

Where can YOU  shave 3 minutes off your morning routine and add a good no-expectations, no-excuses 180 seconds in your hoop?


Check It!

What is it about checking something off a list? I don't know ... but it feels so FREAKIN' good, doesn't it? It makes you want to cross it off again and again. I love this chart ... I don't love that it's for "chores." 'Cuz hooping is no chore. But just click it and PRINT that baby out. Cross through "Chore" and write "Hoop!" or better yet, "Happy!" And circle every day you hoop AT ALL.

Because if we can't devote 3 minutes a day to "Happy," we're in trouble, aren't we?


The Thing About 3 Minutes is that it's a super low-key commitment. What might happen is that you're digging it and you hoop another 3. Or another 30. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you give you and your hoop 180 seconds. My friend Shea Brock at 'Boro Hoops nailed it with her business tagline: "Spin Some Time On You Today." Word.

Pick a GREAT song. Everybody's got a song that rocks their world. You know the one ... the one you put on repeat and all your friends get tired of hearing. The one that reaches up out of the ground and shakes your ass whether you're in the mood or not. That's the one to start your 3 minute commitment on.

You're supposed to find your FLOW. You're supposed to meditate. It really is just you and your hoop! There are NO rules. Really, there aren't. :)

Do you ever find yourself thinking about hooping as yet one more thing you HAVE to do to be your best self? Can we SHIFT that? Will it serve you to think about hooping as something that you do to take care of yourself? Like Brushing Your Teeth. For just 3 minutes .. 180 seconds ... a day?

It works for me. If it helps you, let me know.

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