Fuchsia Adult Fitness Hoop

Body Hoop fitness hoops are made from a thick, heavier weight plastic material known as Polyethylene and it is best suited for getting fit, burning fat and staying in shape.


Fitness Hoop Details

  • Hoops are made from Polyethylene
  • Hoop weighs 1.3 pounds
  • Collapsible for travel
  • Hoop diameter is 38" 

    Common Fitness Hoop Questions


    Is this a good size for a beginner?

    Yes, yes it is! This is the most common size for a beginner hooper and also the size that we would recommend to just about anyone whether they are brand new or have already been hooping for a few months.


    I'm overweight, will I be able to use this hoop?

    If you are overweight, I would recommend getting the Body Hoops Extension. It is an additional piece that you can connect into your hoop to make it a 42" size, which will be better if you are a bit on the heavier side. 


    Will this hoop help me lose weight?

    It can, but as you already know, it's not just the exercise that is important. Diet is a HUGE factor in losing weight and although hooping IS very good for weight loss, without a well-rounded plan of action, it is only just 1 tool needed for success.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Doreen Garcia
    Too big for a small person

    My hoop is very high quality and was delivered On time, but it is so big for me b cause I am a small thin female adult.