Caring for Your Hula Hoop

superhooper hula hoop care tips



Full-size day hoops should be stored fully assembled whenever possible. Take care when coiling and packing your hoop. Your hoop should be stored flat or leaning against a wall in climate-controlled conditions.

  • Hanging the hoop or leaving it in hot conditions can warp the tubing.
  • NEVER leave your hoop in a hot car.
  • Avoid hooping on concrete when you can - it will trash the tape on your hoop.

No hoop tubing should ever be forced. Gently, slowly, carefully coax your hoop in the right direction. It will get easier every time. Avoid coiling your hoop in extreme temperature conditions. Cold makes your tubing more brittle; heat makes your tubing more pliable. Wait until your hoop's tubing has returned to climate-controlled conditions to collapse it for travel