Bodyhoop Joy Weighted Hoop

Body Hoops weighted hoop and best choice for those looking to get a serious workout.

We tried a LOT of different padded fitness hoops over the years, but each one of them seemed to just not fit exactly what we were looking for. 

So we designed our own! 

What is unique about this weighted hoop compared to others is that it is lighter than most and it uses a metal interior instead of plastic. 


Body Hoop Specifications

  • Hoop is 36" in diameter
  • Hoop weighs 1 pound 12 ounces
  • Comes apart into 6 easy to carry sections
  • Made from strong light gauge stainless steel
  • Comes in Black and Green color combination
  • Hoop is covered in high-density foam for comfort


The Bodyhoop™ Fit

Hooping is Healthy

Hula hooping offers a wide variety of health benefits. It is good for your physical health, of course, but it can also be very beneficial to your mental and spiritual health as well. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits!

• Burns approximately 7 calories per minute, which equates to over 400 calories an hour
• Increases heart rate; great cardio workout
• Increases stamina
• Improves your body’s balance and flexibility
• Strengthens and tones your arms, legs, and abdomen
• Works about 30 muscles in and around your body’s core
• Strengthens your low-back stabilizing muscles, which can help anyone with a history of back pain
• Improves spine’s strength and flexibility
• Helps you to develop a sense of body awareness
• Improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills
• Can act as a form of play
• Can act as a form of meditation
• Promotes self-expression
• Promotes positive self-image
• Promotes confidence
• Improves mood and spirit

And besides all that, Hula Hooping is FUN!

6 Color Choices

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Schulman
Great hoop

It has a nice feel. I love that it can be taken apart.